技術センターTechnical Centers

 押出しの安定性、出力能力向上、再練りフィード、添加剤混練り、融点温度低下等の性能向上のため、技術センターではその加工パラメータを正確に分析することができます。また数千にも及ぶスクリュー設計情報と材料加工情報に関するデータベースを用いて技術センターでは試験を慎重に、またいろいろとすすめています。 これらの技術はデイビススタンダード社だけにあるのです。

Davis-Standard operates fully staffed Technology Centers in the United States and Europe. A new 15,000 square foot facility in Pawcatuck, Connecticut now allows Davis-Standard to better serve its customers' needs. The company's technical centers have been designed specifically for extrusion processors to analyze polymer processing characteristics under laboratory conditions and integrate solutions into their existing operations.
The company's technology center personnel utilize a variety of equipment to evaluate a wide assortment of extrusion processes including:
Smooth and grooved barrel single screw extruders
Intermeshing twin screw compounding extruders
Conical twin screw extruders
Parallel twin screw extruder
Whether it's improvements in extrusion stability, output capacity, regrind feeding, additive mixing or melt temperature reduction, Davis-Standard technical center staffs are able to accurately analyze a variety of process parameters. All test runs are customized and carefully evaluated by the center's engineers who are able to draw on the company's extensive collection of data on thousands of specialized screw designs and material processing information.
... A precious resource only available at Davis-Standard.