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Abrasive Supply Company
AC Buckhorn, a Meyers Industries, Inc., Company
Accutron Technologies, Inc.
Acordis, Twaron Products Division
Acrolab Ltd.
Advanced Elastomer Systems,L.P.
Advanced Polymer Alloys
Aeroglide Corporation
AGA Gas, Inc.
Akrochem Corporation
Akron Rubber Development Lab Inc.
Akzo Nobel, Polymer Chemicals Division
Albany International
Alcan Rubber & Chemical
Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry,
a business uint of the American Plastic Council

Alpha Technologies U.S., L.P.
Alsop Industrial Services, Inc.
Alternative Flash, Inc.
Alternative Rubber & Plastics
Altman Manufacturing Co. Inc.
American Chemical Society C&E News
American Chemical Society, Member Services
Americas International, Inc.
Ameripol Synpol Corp.
Anchor Autoclaves Systems
Anglo Silver Liner Co., Inc.
Apollo America Corporation
Armature Coil Equipment, Inc.
Arca Systems
Associated Rubber Company
ASB Industries, Inc.
Atofina Chemicals
Ausimont USA, Inc.
Axiom Industrial Automation Services
AZ Formen- und Maschinenbau
B.E.S.T., Inc.
B.F. Goodrich Company Rubber Instruments & Testing Div.
Barco Div., Marison Inds.
Bartell Machinery Systems LLC
Barwell, Inc.
Basler Vision Technologies
Bayer Corporation,Polymer&chemcial Div.,
Beckenbach USA, Inc., Development, Molds and Parts
Benz Testing Instruments
Berstorff Corporation
Bettcher Industries, Inc.
BOC Gases
Budzar Industries, Inc.
Burlan Corp.
Bytewise Measurement Systems Inc.
C & D Robotics
C.C. Custom Technology
C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc.
Cabot Corporation Industrial Rubber Blacks
CAE Alpheus Inc.
Calemard SA
Calemard USA
Calument Lubricants Co.
Cancarb Limited
Celyon Rubber Traders Association
Centrotrade Rubber U.S.A., Inc.
Chemetall Foote Corporation
Chem-Trend, Inc.
Chevron Product Company
China National Chemical Equipment Corporation
Chronos Richardson Inc.
Cober Electronics, Inc.
Cold Jet, Inc.
Comerio Ercole S.p.A.
Composition Materials Co., Inc.
Conceptromec Inc.
Coram Instruments
Corporate Consulting Services-CCS
CPHall Company
CRI-SIL, LLC: see IMMIX Technologies
Cri-Tech, Inc.: See IMMIX Technologies
Cross Oil Refining & Marketing Co., Inc.
Cryogenic Deflashing Systems Inc.
Cryogenic Systems & Parts
Cyclonaire Corporation
Daikin America
Davey Industries, Inc.
Davis Standard Corp.
Degussa Corporation Carbon Black & Silica Division
Deublin Company
Dexter Corporation Frekote Mold Release Products
Dieffenbacher North America Inc.
Dielectric Corp.
Digital Instruments
Dover Chemical Corporation
Dow Corning Corporation
DSM Copolymer, Inc.
Du Pont Coating&Release Systems
Du Pont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
Du Pont Vamac
Du Pont Krytox Lubricants
Dynamic Air, Inc.
Dynasol Elastomeros, SA de CV
Dynastatics Instruments Corporation
Dyneon L.L.C.
E.L. Puskas Company
ECLIPSE Technical Software, Inc.
Elastochem Division of Rhein Chemie Corporation
Elementis Performance Polymers
Engel Canada Inc.
EniChem Elastomers America
Enviromental Safety Products, Inc.
Envirotech Extrusions, Inc.
Equilon Enterprises
Ergon, Inc.
Erickson Materials, Inc.
Erie Chemical Distributors, Inc.
Esch Anlagen -& Maschinenbau GmbH
Estee Mold & Die
European Rubber Journal
Eurotherm Tek, Inc.
Evergreen Global Pte. Ltd.
Exxon Mobile Chemical Company
Farrel Corporation
Firestone Synthetic Rubber
Flexfab Molded Products Group
Flexsys America L.P.
FMC Corporation, Lithium Division
Fontijne Holland BV
Fontijne Holland BV
Fort Wayne Mold & Engineering, Inc.
Franklin Industrial Minerals
Franklin Miller
Franklynn Industries Inc.
French Oil Mill Machinery Co.
Friess Equipment
G.F. Goodman & Son, Inc.
Gayson SDI
Gerlach, Inc.
Glassven, C.A.
Global Tire Recycling
Glo-Mold, Inc./Valley Rubber Mix.
Gold Key Processing Ltd.
Golden Bear Oil Specialties
Gomaplast Machinery, Inc.
Gooch Engineering Associates
Goodyear Chemical
Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation
Gumix, S.A..
H & L Tool and Die Ltd.
H.M. Royal, Inc.
H.W. Wallace & Co. Ltd.
Hagglunds Drives, Inc.
Hancock Engineering
Hanes Ind.
Harwick Chemical Manufacturing Corporation
Harwick Standard Distribution Corporation
Henkel Surface Technologies
Hercules Tire & Rubber Co./Cedco Equipment Division
Hercules, Incorporated
Hydratecs Injection Equipment,Inc.
Heritage Cutlery
Hudson Machinery Corp.
H-W Fairway International
Hycomp, Inc.
Hydratecs Injection Equipment, Inc.
Imass Inc.
IMMIX Technologies, LLC, CRI-Tech & CRI-SIL Divisions
Indian Rubber Journal
INDSPEC Chemical Corp.
Infratrol Manufacturing Corp.
Inoac USA, Inc.
Instron Corporation
Intermagnetics General Corporation
International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers
International Mold Steels
Intralox, Inc.
ITW Veneta
Jing Day Machinery North America Ltd.
J&M Creative Products
J.L. Machine & Tool, Inc.
J.M. Huber Corp.
J.M./KTM Machinery, Inc.
Jaco Products Company
Jacobson Companies
Jamac Label Company, Inc.
Janak Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Jeng Yuan Reclaimed Rubber Sdn Bhd
Jing Day Machinery North America Ltd.
Johnson Corporation, The
JSR America
Ken-Koat Inc.
Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.
Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company
Kiffer Industries, Inc.
Klockner Desma-KFD Sales and Service, Inc.
KMK System Technology Ltd.
Kheader Machinery
Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.
Krupp Rubber Machinery, Inc.
Krupp Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.
L.R. Good & Son
L.R. Oliver Company
Lapeyre Stair
Leonard Enterprises, Inc.
Lewis & Peat Rubber Inc.
Lianda Corporation
Lord Corporation
Lord Elastomer Emulsions
LTM Limited
Lufkin Gear Repair
Luzenac America
LWB Sales and Service
Lyondell Lubricants
M.A. Hanna Company(Polyone)
Manufacturers Supplies Corporation
MARC Analysis Research Corp.
Martin Marietta Magneses Speciality
Mathews Conveyor CMP Corporation
Maxi-Blast, Inc.
McLube Division, McGee Industries, Inc.
McNeil & NRM, Inc.
MD The Mold Doctor
Mesabi Control Engineering Ltd.
Micro-Moules Inc.
Microview USA
Mid American Machine
Midland Consultants
Midlands Millroom Supply, Inc.
Midwest Elastomers, Inc.
Midwest Zinc
Miller Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc.
Mitchell, Inc.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. and Mitsubishi International Corp.
Mitsui Machine Technology, Inc.
Mold Making Technology Magazine
Morton International
MTS Systems Corporation
Muhammad Din Trading
Musco Engineering Associates
Naugatuck Historical Society, Charles Goodyear Museum
NewAge Industries, Inc.
Nizhnekamskneftekhim U.S.A. (Nizh USA)
Nolar Industries
NorMec A/S
NorSplice AB
Oxco Co.
Pennzoil Products Corporation
Performance Processing Co.
Perstorp Plastic Systems
Pfaff Molds L.P.
Phasex Corporation
Plasma Coatings, Inc.
Plumley Div. Dana Corp.
Polar Minerals
Polychem Dispersions, Inc.
Polymer Valley Chemicals, Inc.
Polymeric Flooring Services Ltd.
Polymerics, Inc.
Polysort, Inc.
PPG Industries, Inc.
Preferred Rubber Compounding Corp.
Premier Rubber Corporation
Prime Tech Inc.
Pyromation, Inc.
Quantum Polymer U.S.A., Inc.
QUEST Integrated, Inc.
R.E. Carroll, Inc.
R.T. Vanderbilt Co., Inc.
RAPRA Technology Ltd.
Recovery Technologies, Inc.
Release Coatings of New York
Releasomers, Inc.
Reliable Rubber & Plastics Mach.
REMCO-Roller Equip. Mfg. Co.
REP Corporation
Rex Gauge Company, Inc.
Rhein Chemie Corporation
Ricon Resins, Incorporated
RJS Corporation
RMS Corporation
Rohm & Haas Co
Rouse Rubber Industries
Rubber & Plastics News/Crain Communications Inc.
Rubber Asia
Rubber City Machinery Corp.
Rubber Division, ACS
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA)
Rubber Molding Technologies, Inc.
Rubber Recycling Topical Group
Rubber Technology International UK & International Press
Rubber World Magazine
S & V Industries Incorporated
Sage Automation
San Joaquin Refining Co., Inc.
Sartomer Company, Inc.
Scantland Industries, Inc.
Schuetz Container Systems Inc.
Scrap Tire Management Council
Scrap Tire News
Shakeel Plastic
Shell Lubricants Company
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Signature Control Systems
Silchem, Inc.
Sinochem Ningbo Import and Export Corporation
Skinner Engine Company
Smithers Scientific Services
Soberay Machine & Equipment Co.
Sovereign Chemical Co.
Specialty Coating Systems
Square Deal Engineered Tooling
Starlinger North America, Inc.
Steelman Industries, Inc.
Stephenson Process Chemicals
Sterlco, Division of Sterling, Inc.
Struktol Company of America
Success International
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation
Sun Company, Inc.
Sun Manufacturing Co.
Sun Steel Treating, Inc.
Swan Chemical, Inc.
Tantec Inc.
Tech Pro, Inc.
Technical Machine Products Corp.
Teknor Apex Company Custom Rubber Mixing Division
The C.P. Hall Company
The M.F. Cachat Co.
The Society of Plastics Industry Inc. Polyurethane Division
The Steelastic Company LLC
The University of Akron College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering
Thomas Swan & Company
Tire Technology International UK & International Press
TRA Coatings Corporation
Triple Crown Products
Troester-ESI, Ltd.
True North Molds Ltd.
TSE Industries, Inc.
U.S. Elastomer
UFM / Unite - Fabrication - Moules
Uniroyal Chemical Co., Inc.
United Feed Screws, Ltd.
United Foundries, Inc.
United Testing Systems, Inc.
Unity Creations Ltd.
University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Plastics Engineering
US Molding Machinery Co.
USF Filtration & Separations/Niagara Screen
Venango Machine Co. Inc
VMI Americas
VMI Epe Holland BV
VMI Lang
Vredestein Rubber Resources USA LLC
Wacker Silicones Corporation
West Coast Rubber Machinery
Witco Corporation
Wolverine Proctor & Schwartz
Zeon Chemicals L.P.
Zumbach Electronics Corp.
Zwick USA

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